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The Allegheny Volunteer Guard (AVG) is a subdivision of Civil War Historical Impressions (CWHI) that serves as a representation of the infantryman and his unit during the War Between the States.

Through living histories and reenactments, it is the mission of the AVG to field a company-sized unit of infantrymen in honor of the common soldier. His life in camp, on campaign, or in combat – these are the experiences of the common soldier the AVG strives to interpret to the highest quality and with reverence.

It is the goal of the AVG to foster a contemporary interest in the War Between the States and facilitate opportunities to study, interpret, and interact with that interest through period methods: material culture and food, individual roles and responsibilities, unit functions and capabilities, military operations and experiences, and personal mentalities and motivations.

Organized into messes, the AVG offers a good home to reenactors and living historians in the lower Mid-Atlantic and upper Southeastern states. Individuals and messes seeking something greater to be a part of are encouraged to inquire about membership and coming out to events with us!

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