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Remembrance Day 2023

On November 18th, 2023, member units of Civil War Historical Impressions helped commemorate Gettysburg’s annual Remembrance Day by encamping at the Rupp House in support of the Gettysburg Foundation and marching in the parade.

The Allegheny Volunteer Guard honored the 61st Georgia and elements of the 3rd USV honored the 83rd Pennsylvania – representing the two campaigner battalions formed at “A Devilish Entanglement”: the 160th Wilderness.

The Allegheny Volunteer Guard was joined by another CWHI member unit, the Independent Greys (2nd Maryland), as well as PACs, the Southern Division, and members of the 10th Virginia to form a Confederate campaigner contingent for the parade. Together, they fielded an growing column of like-minded living historians focused on bringing the hobby together in camaraderie for the purpose of preservation and education.

A great time was had by all and your commitment to working together was both evident and much appreciated!