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Organization By-Laws

Article I – Name

Civil War Historical Impressions, Inc.

Article II – Mission Statement

Civil War Historical Impressions, Inc. (“CWHI”) strives to uphold and preserve the highest standards of the reenacting community. Through teaching America’s history through first person impressions, living history demonstrations, battlefield reenactments, memorial ceremonies, parades, and educational presentations for any interested group or institution, the organization will support its membership and the public in gaining a more complete and objective understanding of the life and times of the men and women, both civilian and military, who served both the Union and Confederacy during the American Civil War.

In addition, whenever possible, the organization will preserve America’s history by conserving and protecting structures, landscapes or other artifacts of historical significance.

Article III – Objectives

A. To teach the rich history and unique perspective of people during the 19th century through authentic living history with hands-on programs, demonstrations and educational activities.
B. To offer a platform of organization, a consistent system of support and a basis of information to reenactors and living historians who want to participate at events in a more organized, active and involved way.
C. To provide a resource for other groups, museums, and schools to supplement their history programs.
D. To allow individual units to function on their own to plan and participate in their own scheduled events while being supported by “CWHI”. (Any and All units within)

Article IV – Membership

1.  Any person may apply for membership in this organization provided the following requirements are met:

a.    That person is a legal resident of the United States.
b.    That person will continue abide to by all local, state and federal laws.
c.    That person is not now, and never has been a member of any so called “radical”, “supremacy” or other “hate” groups.

Membership in the organization is a privilege, not a right and shall be open to anyone regardless of race, color, religion, political affiliation, disability, marital status, gender or age.

Requirements of membership are as follows:

1.    New members must complete “CWHI” Application forms, pay organization dues, and field combatants must pass the equipment safety test. Members MUST provide a basic medical history. (Space provided on Application Form)

2.    Yearly dues, nominally between $30 to $40 due to annual insurance premiums, shall be paid by February 10th of each year. Any member, who does not have their annual dues paid, will NOT be covered on the organizations Liability and Medical Insurance Policy and will be classified as “INACTIVE” in “CWHI” records. “CWHI” Administration will notify each unit commander of the “Status” of its membership. It is the responsibility of the individual unit commander to inform his/her members as to their “Active” or “Inactive” status with “CWHI”. Should an individual unit commander allow a member to participate in an event who is NOT covered on our insurance policy and there is an incident or injury, “CWHI”, its leadership, membership or Insurance provider WILL NOT be responsible for liabilities or medical treatments. Annual dues for “CWHI” are as follows. These dues may or may not replace individual unit dues. See individual unit commander for detailed explanation.

3. Members in ‘good standing’ are those who have no outstanding unit debts and who have attended the required number of sanctioned (or approved non-sanctioned) events. The number of events required will be determined by the individual unit commander. Members should make every effort to attend scheduled events. It is important to maintain the same appearance at every event. This has contributed to the expectations of those who wish us to attend or invite us to their event.

4. All members shall provide their own period military uniforms, civilian clothing, and equipment. Loaner uniforms, tents, and weapons are available, but new members are expected to begin acquiring their own personal equipment within a reasonable amount of time. All military uniforms, civilian clothing, and equipment shall be as historically accurate as possible to conform to the period 1861-1865.

5.  All military members shall abide by the uniform standards set by assigning regiment.

6. All members, civilian and military, or persons associated with a member, who are staying within the camp during spectator hours, must reflect the dress and material culture of the period to remain in the unit encampment.  Members MUST have era appropriate clothing relevant to his or her impression. Members will use only era appropriate equipment and materials during events and/or programs, and maintain an era appropriate camp at all times during any event.

7. The minimum age for a combatant member is 16. You MUST be 16 to take any field as a combatant, however, if invited or given the opportunity to participate in another role, discuss this with parent or guardian and unit commanding officer.

8. Members are required to mail all event registration forms for the events that they are attending. Fees are the responsibility of each member.

9. Disputes will occur. You are expected to attempt to work out any differences between the individuals involved. Should this not occur, the individual unit commander will intervene and attempt to resolve such disputes. Should the individual members not resolve their differences, the commanding officer shall in his own opinion, decide how to best resolve the differences up to and or including dismissal from the event. Should this occur, a meeting between the individuals involved will take place at a later time and the membership status of those involved will be re-evaluated.

10. Any donations made to “CWHI” will be deposited into the bank account of “Civil War Historical Impressions” and used for any items deemed necessary for the operation of the unit. (Printing, Advertising, Insurance Premiums, Equipment, etc.)

11. Camp must be kept clean at all times. NO non period items of any kind will be displayed in camp during spectator visitation hours.

12. Supervision of minors:

a. Minors (under age 18) shall be supervised by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s  or by prior arrangement agreed upon.

b. A “CWHI” adult member or guardian is solely responsible for all care and supervision of minors in their charge. We are a family based organization, However, YOU are responsible for your children’s well being and conduct at any and all events.

13.   Any member who engages in an activity deemed unsafe or inappropriate to the mission of our organization by a Commanding Officer or other members of the organization shall, in all cases, have the offense brought to his or her attention and, if warranted, disciplinary action will be taken by individual unit commanders.  Corrective action shall be determined by the Commanding Officer and or “CWHI” leadership.  All major decisions affecting organization policy and bylaw amendments will be discussed by members in “good standing.” The bylaws of “CWHI” shall be amended as deemed necessary in order to keep this document a functional asset for the well-being of the unit. It is up to the members to attend and voice their opinions on the amendments