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Recap: Cedar Creek 159!

Last October Civil War Historical Impressions’ Allegheny Volunteer Guard and friends fielded a company of skirmishers at the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s 159th Battle of Cedar Creek Reenactment. From showcasing our camp gear and the nuances of our uniforms and equipment to demonstrating skirmish drill on the battlefield, they had an outstanding time educating the public while honoring the memory of those who consecrated this hallowed ground in 1864. After the CCBF’s battle reenactment, CWHI members participated in a special program to bring attention to the historic St. Thomas Chapel. The Chapel, located in Middletown, Virginia, was a field hospital during the Civil War and used extensively after the Battle of Cedar Creek. Surgeons, nurses, and Chaplains tended to the wounded of both sides in this effort to raise awareness about this historic site. Many thanks to our members and friends who assisted in the venture!