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Our Standards


Civil War Historical Impressions is a highly regarded living history organization. We are committed to pursuing our goals and going about our activities in a manner becoming of the highest caliber. The eyes of the nation and the world are upon us as there is a heightened awareness of and interest in history. In order to safeguard the esteemed reputation of CWHI, its mission, and that of its members, we request your cooperation by heeding the following participation standards:

Participation Standards

Code of Conduct

Members of CWHI are expected to be of good, genuine character and conduct themselves accordingly. Behavior online and at events is expected to bring positive attention and reputation to CWHI. Members who bring negative attention to or otherwise misrepresent the character of CWHI are subject to disciplinary action to include removal from the event and/or organization.


As an educational organization, CWHI is dedicated to teaching and preserving the history of the American Civil War. To accomplish this, one of the best teaching tools is the use of living history as an immersive and tangible representation of the past. Living history relies on a variety of methods to accomplish this: material culture and food, social customs and cultural traditions, individual roles and responsibilities, unit functions and capabilities, military operations and experiences, and personal mentalities and motivations. These visual aids combine to create an “impression.” Through use of an impression, a living historian can make “history come alive” for an observing public and effectively present a human element of history that other instructive methods cannot display. These living history impressions can have a lasting influence on audiences, so it is imperative that the impression is accurate and presents the most authentic image of the person/group being represented. This documentation will serve as the authenticity standards for CWHI as an organization. Each subdivision of CWHI is responsible for setting its own impression guidelines specific to their individual and group portrayals.

Remember – spectators come to experience history as it comes to life in a way it doesn’t when reading text or looking at an image. It is incumbent upon us all to give them an authentic and immersive experience. More importantly, it is our noble responsibility to acquit ourselves in a manner that honors and respects the people we’re representing and interpreting.


General Authenticity Standards

Military Authenticity Standards

Civilian Authenticity Standards