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If you have any questions about these events or ideas about other events, reach out to AVG leadership!

Date(s): 24-26 FEB 2023
Location: Dill’s Tavern, 227 N Baltimore St, Dillsburg, PA 17019
Registration: None, but participants are encouraged to bring cash to pool as a donation.
Impression: Generic ANV
Notes: The AVG is responsible for fixing breakfast on Saturday. Outside of this, the weekend is an opportunity for the AVG to hang out, get to know some of our friends in the Stonewall Brigade, do some afternoon drill, and run through an NCO school. One of the SWB members works at Dill’s Tavern and will be giving us an exclusive tour of the site, to include a period distillery project!

Date(s): 17-19 MAR 2023
Location: Jamestown Settlement, 2110 Jamestown Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185
Registration: None
Impression: ANV in mid-1863
Notes: This is a smaller living history with AVG members representing CS Ambulance Corps. Attendees have already been identified due to constraints on the number of participants.

Date(s): 05-07 MAY 2023
Location: 1781 Brewery, 11109 Plank Rd, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22553
Impression: 55th Virginia Infantry
Notes: When registering for this event, please select “Living History” as the affiliation. Expect a weekend of camp life, interacting with the public, drill, a tactical demonstration, and downtime to enjoy being at a brewery!

Date(s): 19-21 MAY 2023
Location: New Market Battlefield State Historical Park, 57 George Collins Pkwy, New Market, VA 22844
Registration: None
Event Page: New Market Battlefield Living History at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War
Impression: 51st Virginia
Notes: It’s understood that this event is close after the 160th Chancellorsville event. Please let leadership know if you are planning to or cannot attend. This will be a weekend of interpreting to the public, practicing field craft, and getting some hands-on time with an exceptional collection of original muskets that another group of collectors are bringing to the event!

Date(s): 30 JUN – 02 JUL 2023
Location: George Spangler Farm & Field Hospital, 488 Blacksmith Shop Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325
Registration: None
Impression: Generic ANV during the Gettysburg Campaign
Notes: If you’ve been to this event before, you know what to expect (to include possible tornadoes)! It’ll be another opportunity to mingle with other groups, interact with the public, and go into town after hours for whatever touring or sutler visits you’ve been looking to do. We’re planning to use the field for some skirmisher and sharpshooter training in anticipation of the 160th Cedar Creek in 2024!

Date(s): 28-30 JUL 2023
Location: Thomas Farm, 7301 Solomons Valley Ln, Boonsboro, Md 21713
Registration: Tuebor Historic Events
Facebook Group: RECEDING TIDE: In The Trenches At Williamsport, MD (28-30 July, 2023)
Impression: 18th Mississippi
Notes: The AVG is falling in with Austin Williams’ company. This will be an immersive experience involving trenches, massed artillery, and facing the advance of Meade’s pursuing army as Lee looks to slip back over the Potomac!

Date(s): 26 AUG 2023
Location: Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, 8437 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA 22645
Registration: None
Impression: Generic ANV, Summer of 1863
Notes: We’re looking for 2-3 guys to turn out as infantry for an afternoon. There will be stations for groups of kids to rotate through and we’ll give them a crash course in drill with stick guns. Otherwise, it will be a pretty laid back event!

Date(s): 20-22 OCT 2023
Location: Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, 8437 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA 22645
Registration: CCBF – Reenactor Information
Facebook Event: 159thAnniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek
Impression: Generic ANV, Fall of 1864
Notes: This is not a max effort event as the plan is to make the 160th Cedar Creek in 2024 a max effort event. If you want to come to this one, let leadership know! The plan is to put any AVG members who attend in a living history area. Participation in the battle scenarios isn’t mandatory, but leadership will coordinate to provide the opportunity for those who want to.

Date(s): 18 NOV 2023
Location: Children of Gettysburg 1863, 451 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA 17325
Registration: $20 – further info TBD
Facebook Event: Coming Soon
Impression: 61st Georgia
Notes: Camp unofficially opens on Friday night to allow for setup, hanging out, and spending the night under canvas (if you prefer not to or cannot get a hotel room). This doesn’t have to be a hardcore “embrace the suck” thing, so if you have a nice sleeping bag rated for cold weather, tuck that up under your wool blanket! The program officially concludes after Saturday afternoon’s gathering at Barlow’s Knoll, but the bivouac will remain open to those who wish to hang out and stay over Saturday night.

Date(s): 01-03 DEC 2023
Location: Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, 8437 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA 22645
Registration: None
Impression: Generic ANV, Winter of 1863
Notes: The plan is to stay in winter huts that will be constructed by the CCBF prior to this event. The weekend will be a laid back hang-out opportunity for us to celebrate the year, the upcoming holidays, and cap off the weekend by marching in the Middletown Christmas Parade!

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