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The Dixie Rose Relief Society was founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded friends who have a passion for the American Civil War. We educate the public on what the women and children of the South were doing during the war. We speak at different functions from living histories and reenactments to special events where we are invited as guests. We have brought history to public schools as well as working with homeschoolers, individual children and participating in parades. Some of our greatest moments have been knowing we have taught a child or children something about history they won’t forget.

A key part of our mission is preservation. We have participated with a variety of partners and resources to assist in obtaining headstones for women and men who have been buried in unmarked graves. We work to clean graves of our veterans (from all eras), cemeteries, Civil War Park cleanup programs, assisting in placement of new historical markers and monuments as well as writing grants for our fellow nonprofits to help preserve battlefield land.

In all ways, the ladies of the Dixie Rose Relief Society work to protect our nation’s remarkable Civil War landscape and historic sites for current and future generations. This, we feel, will honor those who came before us and will teach future generations the strength of the women in children during one of the nation’s biggest conflicts.