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Rally behind the Virginians!

We are pleased to announce that The Stonewall Brigade has voted to join our coalition as an affiliated unit alongside its sister units, the 2nd Wisconsin, Independent Grays, and the Allegheny Volunteer Guard! In doing so, all of us are further contributing to a mission greater than ourselves.

A fixture in Civil War reenacting and living history with a solid reputation for research and presence at events, The Stonewall Brigade does much to maintain a high standard. Furthermore, their professional attitude as a whole is exactly the kind of stuff Civil War Historical Impressions regards as we look towards a brighter future.

Please take a moment to welcome The Stonewall Brigade to the ranks and keep your eyes peeled for their members at CWHI events. The unit’s current leader, Austin Williams, will be leading one of the battalions at this May’s event commemorating the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of the Wilderness!

We look forward to continuing to build bridges, foster connections, assemble a quality coalition, and host good events for the benefit of the hobby and – most importantly – education of the public and preservation of the past.