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On 4-5 May 2024, join Civil War Historical Impressions as we support the Friends of the Wilderness in hosting “A Devilish Entanglement”: the 160th Battle of the Wilderness! This will be an authentic force-on-force event featuring multiple scenarios and intense experiences. More importantly, this event will directly impact historic preservation of the Wilderness Battlefield in support of the Friends of the Wilderness and Central Virginia Battlefields Trust. The Wilderness Run Vineyard and 1781 Brewing Company will also benefit from patronage bolstered by our presence on 60 acres of their property, which they have graciously made available to us. Thank you!

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Join us at Cedar Creek – both this fall and next, to participate in a unique portrayal that goes well beyond the average experience of line infantry. This fall’s effort will be smaller, centered on a company or two on each side, to offer a chance to practice skirmishing skills and develop a sense of what will be expanded upon. 2024’s focus on sharpshooters will culminate in the goal of fielding not one, but two sharpshooter battalions (one US and one CS) as the campaigner adjunct at the 160th Cedar Creek in support of the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s event and their preservation efforts. To our knowledge, this is the first time opposing sharpshooter battalions can be recreated to clash on original ground as the original cast did. Care is being taken to ensure that these campaigner battalions get a quality experience out of this adjunct effort. You won’t want to miss this one!

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Latest Events

  • 160th Gettysburg: Spangler Farm Living History
    Spangler Farm | Gettysburg, PA | 30 June – 2 July 2023CWHI returned to the Gettysburg Foundation’s Spangler Farm for another weekend of living history to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg on 1-3 July 1863. This year’s programming expanded its focus on the aftermath of the pivotal three-day battle with emphasis … Read more
  • 160th Chancellorsville
    1781 Brewery & Wilderness Run Vineyards | Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA | 6-7 May 2023A year in the making, CWHI’s Bill Billerd rounded up an exceptional team to commemorate the 160th Battle of Chancellorsville with a unique living history event hosted at the 1781 Brewery. Over 200 living historians and reenactors turned out to portray the … Read more
  • MTA ’23: An Award Winning Weekend!
    Jamestown Settlement | Williamsburg, VA | March 18-19, 2023 It was an award winning weekend for CWHI at Jamestown Settlement’s annual event, “Military Through the Ages”. This year’s rendition of this unique event showcased over 500 living historians interpreting military life from 500 BC to the present across 46 various camps, displays, or scenes. Over … Read more

Latest News

  • A Servant Leader Joins CWHI
    CWHI is pleased to announce Brian Gesuero has joined its board as Reenacting Liaison Director. In this role, Brian will bring considerable experience and skill as a leader within the hobby. With an ever increasing passion for history, Brian became a reenactor in 1980 in joining an infantry unit to portray an enlisted soldier. Marching … Read more
  • Maryland, My Maryland!
    CWHI is pleased to welcome the Independent Greys to the ranks as a member unit. Founded in 2014, the Independent Greys are dedicated to representing the soldiers of Maryland during the Civil War. In joining, they bring a twenty-five man company to the line next to the Allegheny Volunteer Guard and Co. H, 2nd Wisconsin … Read more
  • Black Hats Join CWHI!
    The recent living history at Spangler Farm was a highly successful weekend for CWHI. In conjunction with the Gettysburg Foundation and a couple of other living history organizations, we interpreted the aftermath of the pivotal three-day Battle of Gettysburg with emphasis on what occurred at the Spangler Farm through 5 July 1863. One of the … Read more